Shew! What a week!

The EverQuest Show has traveled to San Diego and Los Angeles in the last week (partly for the show, partly for the sunshine) to get lots of exciting interviews.

Those interviews will be featured in numerous upcoming episodes of the EverQuest Show.

The topics ranged from the 20 year history of the game, the TLP playerbase as well as the live playerbase, and the future of the franchise and the company.

Holly Longdale

San Diego – Daybreak Game Company

The kind folks at Daybreak, EverQuest and EverQuest II really rolled out the red carpet for us.

We were granted a longform sit-down interview with Holly Longdale, executive producer for EverQuest and EverQuest II.

The excitement in Holly’s voice for the future of EverQuest is contagious, and she’s very candid about the approach to the future of the games, and the possibility of new ventures.

The Holly Longdale interview can be seen on Episode 7 of the EverQuest Show as well as right here on, due out sometime in mid October.

EverQuest 1 Devs

We also have panel interviews will developers from both EverQuest and EverQuest II about a wide range of topics. From dealing with player forums to their daily grind, that same passion for what they do was a recurring theme.

The interviews with the several members of the EQ and EQ2 development teams can be seen in several future episodes of The EverQuest Show.

Editor’s Note: I’m writing this inside the LAX airport. There are literally HOURS of video interviews and footage to go through from our visit. I can’t WAIT to bring it to you, but it will take time to organize it, and package it up. Just be ready for great information!

Paul Anthony Romero

Los Angeles – Paul Anthony Romero and Rob King

By chance, I also had a chance to meet and interview Rob King and Paul Anthony Romero while in Los Angeles.

Paul Anthony Romero is a pianist and composer who, along with Rob King, developed and composed the music for EverQuest (Planes of Power to Omens of War) as well as Lords of EverQuest.

Paul is an absolute musical delight with a gift that really defies words. I had the chance to witness it first-hand, and it truly left me speechless.

From playing Beethoven to banging out a few EverQuest tunes, it left me grinning from ear to ear.

Paul did not write the EverQuest theme, or any of the original music, but that didn’t stop him from listening for a few seconds and then able to fully able to play the piece, and put his own flair on it.

Meanwhile, Rob King takes the musical power of Romero, which was occasionally literally bounding around the room, and contains it and focuses into musical magic that we’re all very familiar with.

This interview was an absolute treat. And you’ll want to hear every second of it.

Editor’s Note: You’ll want to see Paul Anthony Romero hear the Kelethin theme for the first time, begin playing it himself and comment on what he thinks of the song.

(The Kelethin theme was written by Jay Barbeau)

All this, and much much more is coming on the next episodes of The EverQuest Show.