20190804_232405Here at The EverQuest Show, we love all things EverQuest. And we know you do to. So, we want to see your EverQuest loot!

Have cool swag? Rare items? Signed prints? We want to see it!

Post pictures of your loot or collections to The EverQuest Show Facebook page and we may use them on the show!

Here’s a look at a few of the things in our collection at a secure, undisclosed location. An additional portion of the collection is used in our Chicago studios.





EverQuest II

A Secrets of Faydwer blue lunchbox was available at one of the last SOE Lives.

The plush monkey was a developer gift for Desert of Flames.

Also shown is the EverQuest II collector’s edition.



Various Maps

A wide variety of maps have been acquired over the years.

Some came in the game boxes, but many of the more rare maps came from Fan Faires and SOE Lives.

Two cloth maps from EQ and EQ2 have been framed and include the largest world view to date that has been printed to map version for EQ.

Additional cloth maps for the Planes and Luclin are also shown.



Drink Up!

For the 5th anniversary of EverQuest (2004), bottles of champagne with EverQuest printed on them were used for the celebration at the Fan Faire in Las Vegas.

An EQ themed Jones Cherry Soda was given out for the launch of Lost Dungeons of Norrath.

With the launch of Planes of Power was the release of these bottles of wine, given out to developers.



EverQuest II In-Store Standee

This 5 foot cardboard standee was used in game stores to promote EverQuest II.

It includes a rotating center hanging cardboard panel that has Antonia Bayle on one side and Lucan D’Lere on the other side.


EverQuest II Developer Sword

Through a recent acquisition, I was able to obtain an EverQuest II developer sword, which was given out to EverQuest II developers.

The sword came with accompanying artwork and a certificate/story that goes along with it.


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Action Figures and Books

The collection consists of a full set of the EverQuest Action Figures produced by Toy Vault (Look for a feature story for the upcoming episodes) as well as a wide variety of books.

The books include the Pen and Paper RPG books, strategy guides and novels.



Postcards from Norrath

In the Depths of Darkhollow and Prophecy of Ro expansions, postcards were included with the in-store game boxes.

Four postcards were released with Depths of Darkhollow, showing some of the unique new creatures to that expansion.

And three postcards were contained in the Prophecy of Ro expansion.



Signed EverQuest Poster and EverQuest Rare Shirts

This EQ2 poster was signed by the EQ2 dev team and framed.

Several EverQuest T-shirts are framed :

  • Scars of Velious Launch Shirt
  • EverQuest 989 shirt
  • 2003 FanFaire EverQuest Shirt featuring a froglok
  • 2002 FanFaire EverQuest Planes of Power shirt

Be sure you upload YOUR collection to The EverQuest Show Facebook Page!