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Get ready to stream, purchase or download your favorite original EQ music!

An idea that was mentioned around the 20th anniversary has now been made a reality with the addition of music from the original EverQuest game to various popular services.

A variety of songs from EverQuest were posted to Amazon, Spotify, Google Play and iTunes recently.

In all, 24 songs were posted, including many of the original midi-style songs from the original EverQuest.

The versions are not 100% original, but seem to have been enhanced and improved slightly, while keeping the spirit of the original MIDI-type files.

The original Kelethin music, merchant theme, Rivervale music, and the original EverQuest theme are among the songs included.

You can download or stream the songs from the following services :

On Amazon, the full album of 24 songs was purchaseable for $9.98, or available for free with the Prime Unlimited plan. Individual songs were $0.99.

According to the announcement on the EverQuest forums, there is “more to come.”