Making friends at the very earlier levels can be difficult. This wasn’t unexpected, but it was lonely.

However, as the levels began to add up, along came various adventurers.

And I finally found myself in a proper group. Thanks to my new friends.


Heroic Friends

Along came a froggy paladin to invite me to a group, and teach me a good bit about the game.

I had plenty of questions, and Kree was patient enough to answer them all. Crafting, Spells, Tradeskills, leveling and Heroic Opportunities.

Apparently, the HOs aren’t  much of thing unless you’re soloing, but he gave me a crash course.

He was very patient with me about how they work, and walked me through the entire process.

We ventured into the Caves to finish wrapping up some quests I wanted to complete there. All the while testing out the HOs, and explaining some of the spells and how they work.


And Then There Were Three

While cutting down a few gnolls, (and getting eaten by a giant naked mole rat!) along came a little shaman that joined our group.

It was nice having three in the group and working together on some very large pulls.

As a fury, I finally got a chance to heal a group and learn about healing.

Up until this point it’s been necessary to heal myself a little. But the group game is very different and exciting.

I’m looking forward to being a healer and damage dealer in a group as a young Fury.


Moving On Up

AS the training session went on, experience was moving quickly. Before I knew it, I had leveled up to the mid teens. A few new spells were nice to have, and I was able to complete a few quests that I wanted to knock off the journal.

After a bit longer our little trio was slashing through and we had completed all the Caves quests that I currently had, and a few we progressed through.

I needed a break but not before /friending my two new companions.


Antonica Awaits

While I love a good dungeon crawl, I needed a bit of air. Antonica awaits.

After a quick refresh in the city, and a very nice new container that Kree was nice enough to mail me, I was ready to venture out into Antonica.

I did a few lower quests involving killing bugs, a few gnolls, wolves, bears and the like. I really enjoy the questing, but sometimes I feel like it never ends.

But, it is called EverQuest after all. So now I find myself continuing to level through Antonica.


The gnolls are aplenty. And I even made my way into a hidden underground buccaneer hideout. And though I slaughtered nearly all of the nasty pirates there, the Captain did me in!

Next time I’ll enlist some help!