EQ2_000125Hail all!

With travel over the last few weeks (to Daybreak to interview the EQ and EQ2 teams!) I haven’t been able to update my usual EQ Twosday segment.

But rest assured, I’m still having fun in Norrath. And though I’ve been playing catch up from travelling, I did manage to get a little EQ2 playtime this past Tuesday.

So, here’s a very very brief update.

As it had been a week or so since I logged in, it took a moment to get my bearings.

But I managed to pick up where I left off.


I had so much fun in The Down Below, I decided to continue in its higher-level clone, Vermin’s Snye.

But admittedly, some of the Heroic encounters are too tough for me solo (duh).

So, I’m working through a few of the lower quests, and enjoying killing bats and skellies!


One of my favorite things in EQ II is the voice aggro messages. Especially the skellies.

“You cannot eliminate us!”

“Your eyes are so pretty”

“I didn’t need those bones any way!”

I find myself mimicking these in real life just for fun. In that same screeching skeleton voice.

Meanwhile, I didn’t get a lot of exp, or complete a lot of quests on this very short play session, but I did have some fun, and the exp bar moved.