EQ2_000135Happy EverQuest Twosday everyone!

A very quick break from editing the super important Holly Longdale interview to log onto Kaladim and say “Hello” to Norrath!

After the Nights of the Dead announcement, I wanted to get in and see what was available.

Luckily I happened to log out right next to where the Nights of the Dead merchant can be found in Qeynos.

Yay for costumes/illusions!

I looked through the list of house items and costumes, and grabbed myself a Dead Darkpaw Gnoll outfit.


And yay! I’m a gnoll. Ok, a dead gnoll. But a gnoll!

I’ve always enjoyed holiday events in game. Especially Halloween. Fond memories rise to the surface of EverQuest 1 and werewolves appearing in the Karanas, dropping NO RENT loot.

Those were the days.

But for now, I donned my gnoll costume and went back to Vermin’s Snye to kill a few burrowers.


I still have plenty of quests here that I’d like to finish. And they seem to keep piling up!

Unfortunately, the editing process takes so much time, I’m not able to play much for this entry. But know I’m still loving Kaladim and both EQ and EQ2.