The official release dates for the latest expansions for EverQuest and EverQuest II have finally been announced, with just weeks to go before launch.

For EverQuest’s 26th expansion, the Torment of Velious will launch of December 18, 2019.

Also included in the expansion website is a little tidbit about the lore of the expansion.

The lands and denizens of the continent of Velious are suffering. The icy landscape has seemingly come to life and is flowing oddly upward toward the sky. This restless ice is infecting and animating the inhabitants it touches, turning them into zombie-like beings with a strange icy infection that appears alive in its own way – moving and shifting over their bodies. What has caused this strange turn? And what could it mean? All adventurers are called upon to unravel the chilling mysteries that are the Torment of Velious.

EverQuest II’s expansion, Blood of Luclin, also announced its launch date, December 17, 2019.

We will not wait for the shissar — that insidious race of snake people — to begin their invasion of Norrath! We, Norrath’s proven adventurers and artisans, will travel to the moon of Luclin to implore the moon-goddess herself to join us in stopping the shissar. If we all should fail, the shissar forces will slither across Luclin and arrive on our own doorsteps. Scouts to Luclin found the moon is not as easy to traverse as it might have once been and a great many threats await us. But nothing will stand in our way! Norrath unite!

Blood of Luclin is the 16th expansion for EverQuest II, following the 15th anniversary of the game earlier this month.