Erollisi Marr Day

The Valentine’s Day themed quests known as Erollisi Day are active in EverQuest until February 14. There are 3 new quests starting with Farnjer in Misty Thicket.

In EQ2, Erollisi Day quests will run until February 22 and will include new content for 2023.

Next Tier of Raids unlocks

Night of Shadows Tier 2 raids unlocked on February 4th and include 3 new raids. Two new raids are available in Deepshade and one new raid in Shadowhaven.

The next raid for Renewal of Ro will unlock on February 15th.

Varsoon Update

For those adventuring on Varsoon, the Fallen Dynasty Adventure pack unlocked on February 7th. For more information on Fallen Dynasty, check out Bear’s Fallen Dynasty Primer video!