It’s an exciting time in Norrath for EverQuest players. with so many events happening. It’s hard to keep up….

Let’s start with the 24th anniversary of EverQuest.

In our last episode of The EverQuest Show, Jenn Chan mentioned the quests and mission that were available, and don’t forget the free gifts…

First, there’s a 50% bonus to experience until April 1st.

And make sure you log your characters in before April 20th for your free feathered cap! Every character can get one absolutely free.

For all access members, all characters will also get an opal stein ornament, as long as you log in at some point before April 20th.

If you log in each account will also get one claimable experience bonus potion and a new title of the commemorator.

And don’t forget the quests! All the returning quests from previous anniversaries will be available at various times.

And there are the new quests and missions:


Additionally, if you missed out on past heritage crates, those are available in the marketplace through April 1st.


As if the 24th anniversary celebrations weren’t enough, Brew Day is still ongoing for a few more days.

The event ends on March 28th, so you’ll have to hurry if you need to catch up.

There are some new quests for servers that have unlocked Seeds of Destruction, and a new collection.

Heading into April, it’s time for Bristlebane Day and Stomples Day!

Bristlebane Day events continue through April 4th and all previous events have returned. With so many events to catch up, it’s good to know Stomples day will run until May 2nd.

Ok, holiday events aside, we’re also awaiting the TLP announcement with should arrive within the next couple of weeks.

If you missed our full interview with the head of Darkpaw Games, check out Episode 17 of The EverQuest Show


For EverQuest 2, the new PVP TLE server information has been announced.

Let’s start with the name of the server: Zarrakon.

Named after one of the best looking dragons in all of EQ2, the server will launch on April 25th, 2023. 

All Access is required to play on Zarrakon and it will be a faction based PVP server with a free trade ruleset. 

On launch day, the first two expansions will be live, Desert of Flames and Kingdom of Sky.

And the beta test for Zarrakon should be starting up in the next couple of weeks.


No update on the swag store date just yet, but in case you missed episode 17…

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Thanks for watching and good luck in Norrath!