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If you’re looking to beef up your EQ collection, or are a big fan of fiction outside of the game, you have several options when it comes to EverQuest.

First, there is the collection of EverQuest D20 manuals and guides for the pen and paper version of EverQuest.

Just like Dungeons and Dragons, there’s a player’s guide, game master’s guide and monster manuals as well as supplements and whole books dedicated to spells.

While the artwork for the books is great, and there is some great EQ lore and information, some of the lore does contradict canon in game or in manuals and I wouldn’t necessarily call it fiction. It’s more of a rule book for D20.


No, I’m talking about novels or comic books that contain full stories.


EverQuest Novels


For novels, there are essentially four.


One was produced in hardcover, The Rogue’s Hour and isn’t a bad read.



There are also three paperback novels, Truth and Steel, The Blood Red Hard and in my opinion the best on the books, The Ocean of Tears.


Ocean of Tears


This book goes into a great deal of original game lore with a vast number of recognizable places such as Crushbone, Ocean of Tears (obviously), Neriak and has characters you’ll know like Katta, Seru and Opal Darkbriar.


Comic Books


When it comes to EverQuest comic books, there are essentially two (that are easy to find).


EverQuest: Transformation is full of dark elves, ogres and is beautifully illustrated, though the style of elf ears doesn’t match the game.
Ruins of Kunark Comic


The Ruins of Kunark is an amazing comic book and features artwork from none other than Jim Lee.


It tells the story of how EQ’s first expansion started, the capture of Firiona Vie.


It features memorable characters that rose to prominence in many of he expansions including House of Thule and The Darkened Sea.


Characters like Firiona Via, Thubr Axebringer, Al’Kabor, Venril Sathir and many more.


It’s a fantastic comic book with a pretty good telling of the story.


Lesser Known Comics


There are a couple of other, lesser known comic books, including EverQuest Accounting which came with the EverQuest gold tin.
Accounting Spectres


There’s also an extremely rare Quest For Darkpaw comic that goes with the now defunct EverQuest Online Adventures for PlayStation 2.


This comic was never sold but was given away as a promotional item for EQOA.


There’s also some ink work done for something called “Seeds of EverQuest” or “EverQuest: Seeds.”


I don’t believe these were ever produced beyond the sketches. While you’d think it corresponds with Seeds of Destruction, there are characters in the comic which don’t appear in that expansion, like Anashti Sul.


Most of the novels and comics can be picked up from Amazon, Ebay of if you’re lucky, you can find a few copies at your local used book store.


Good luck!