Gnome Memorial Mountain concept art


In a follow up to the anniversary events mentioned in Episode 1 of The EverQuest Show, EQ has announced Gnome Memorial Mountain.


The development team promised a collection of stories meant to preserve the past and it appears this is it.


The lore fits nicely with that of Katta Castrum and Degmar Castle from The Darkened Sea expansion.


Like the dwarves, Kedge and Shissar, the gnomes were also transported in a domed habitat by the Combine empire to the bottom of the sea long ago.


Now, the habitat has risen to the surface. The gnomes all died to Bloodmoon orcs within the habitat but their clockwork servants have preserved the museum and are expected to greet visitors when they arrive.


So far, the concept art for Gnome Memorial Mountain is all that has been released, however, there is an mp3 file within the EverQuest directory that named GNOME_MEMORIAL_MOUNTAIN_LP.


Original Announcement : Gnome Memorial Mountain