Gnome Memorial Mountain – Screenshot 1

The first screenshots for Gnome Memorial Mountain have been revealed.

DISCLAIMER : These screenshots are just previews and may not reflect what the final zone or NPCs will look like.

The EverQuest Show obtained a series of three screenshots from the EverQuest team at Daybreak Games that show off several new models as well as parts of the Gnome Memorial Mountain zone.

Several clues about the zone and NPCs are given in the images.

Several gnomework NPCs are seen, including a robed female gnomework, a gnomework dressed in swashbuckler garb complete with feathered cap and a different female gnomework model.

Gnome Memorial Mountain – Screenshot 2

A Bloodmoon orc can also be seen in one of the screenshots. Two of the screenshots are outdoor and one is indoor.

The screenshots show a palatial interior with various clockworks, a grungy internal factory type scene with steam pipes and a liquid pool/tank and an outdoor path around a large metal wall and rusty beams and framework.

Gnome Memorial Mountain – Screenshot 3

A robot NPC can also be seen with glowing red eyes and a jagged clamp hand.

The original concept art for the zone had been released last week. The zone was announced as part of the 20th anniversary celebration of EverQuest.

The zone is expected to launch on the 20th anniversary date of March 16, 2019, but no official date has been confirmed.

Original Announcement : Gnome Memorial Mountain