While we’re still a long way off from expansion news, a level increase has been confirmed for the next expansion of EverQuest.

16113.AIn the latest Summer Producer’s Letter, Holly Longdale confirmed that an additional 5 levels would be added with the upcoming 26th expansion for the game.

No other additional information regarding the expansion was announced, although we did get a timetable when additional information regarding the expansion would be released : this Fall.

No theme or release date has yet been announced. However, there was one cryptic clue given. The expansion content will be “unfamiliarly familiar.”  Could this be related to Al’Kabor (A wizard, ….which would have a familiar?)

Or perhaps a revisit to a theme or location we’re all familiar with? The recent focus on nostalgia in the game and returning players certainly would be a smart play by the team.

A full text of the EverQuest Summer Producer’s Letter can be found HERE.



The most recent expansion, The Burning Lands, launched on December 11, 2018. The expansion focused on the Planes of Fire, Air and Smoke.

In a recent AMA by Fires of Heaven, Alan VanCouvering, Lead Content Designer for EverQuest offered a bit more detail on the upcoming expanision content:

Are we going to see a continuation of the current expansion’s theme in the next expansion? Water and earth Jann plot?

Alan: I can only answer that last one. I have a lot of ideas about the Duende and Ondine, but I think I can say that they will not be the focus content for a while yet. I like having cool ideas and areas to explore later or for other designers to expand on in their own way.

Given this quote, a direct follow-up to The Burning Lands seems unlikely.

Esianti, the center of the djinn realm where the diplomats of all jann come to make deals and argue rules with the djinn. Esianti is a zone in The Burning Lands expansion for EverQuest.