EverQuest II Wallpaper

The IMDB page for EverQuest II is a wonderfully joyful thing to dig through.

Or maybe it’s just me?

After our recent article on Lords of EverQuest, with some big names lending their voices to the characters in that game, we decided to see if there were any hidden gems in EverQuest II.

Boy were we right.


The Headliners

Of course you’re probably familiar with the fact that these actors were added as the main voice talent behind the games’ two main characters.


Christopher LeeLucan D’Lere

Known For : Lord of the Rings (Saruman), Star Wars (Count Dooku)


HangoverAustin Powers

Heather GrahamAntonia Bayle

Known For : Austin Powers, Boogie Nights, The Hangover


But did you realize there are dozens of actors that voice various specific NPCs and generic voices throughout the game?

Take a look at some of the more recognizeable actors we found. (Courtesy of IMDB.com)

Supporting Actors We Love


Swight SchultzDwight Schultz 

Known For : The A-Team (Murdock), Star Trek Voyager, Star Trek The Next Generation

Credits in EverQuest II : Duke Ferrin / Korong Shatterjaw / Bargiss Ranlor / Priest Kelian / Delacar Mithanson / Cargomaster Libertius / Stalker Granis / Kren Rfay / Dindaek Everhot / Edwyn Arcanum / Scribe Jabir / Lusius Ulixes / Caius Callidus / Mallius Otho / Kualdin Swoonsong / Tilzak N’Lim / Verin Ithelz / Lt. Blutark / Generic Male Ghost Half Elf Enemy / Generic Male High Elf Enemy / Generic Male Kerran Enemy / Generic Male Efreeti Enemy / Generic Male Ghost Erudite Enemy / Generic Male Ghost Dwarf Enemy (voice)


Wil Wheaton 2


Wil Wheaton

Known For : Star Trek The Next Generation (Wesley Crusher) , Stand By Me, The Big Bang Theory

Credits in EverQuest II : Festus Septimus / Overseer Zerrin / Merchant William / Innkeeper Valean (voice)




Brian George


Brian George

Known For : Seinfeld (Babu), Big Bang Theory

Credits in EverQuest II : Garion Dunam / Scribe Varion Smitelin / Armsdealer Barrik (voice)




Megan Cavanaugh


Megan Cavanaugh

Known For : Robin Hood : Men in Tights, A League of Their Own

Credits in EverQuest II : Feodra Iceslayer / Blacksmith Hegrenn / Gretta Steinbeard / Gierosa Kulnovich (voice) (as Megan Cavanaugh)



Danica McKellar


Danica McKellar

Known For : The Wonder Years

Credits in EverQuest II : Lolla Cotgrove / Pona (voice)





Mindy Sterling


Mindy Sterling

Known For : Austin Powers 

Credits in EverQuest II : Oracle Ulinara / Darmen Sproutmore / Merchant Novak / Kogna Bonesplit / Oosa Gutwrench / Talooka Skullwrack / Kiora Shiverstone / Moria Dawn / Nelda Dawn / Fridda Stoneheart / Lynn Wynaem / Lower Magistrate Rachelle / Emissary Mitsya / Generic Female Kerra Merchant (voice)


See someone on the EverQuest II IMDB page that I missed that you think is notable? Let us know and we’ll gladly add them to the article!

BONUS: Check out the “Making Of” video produced by Sony Online Entertainment which includes appearances by Heather Graham and Christopher Lee discussing the game (at 1:30 mark)!