The EverQuest universe is quite large. There are the two main MMO games (EverQuest Live and Everquest II), PlayStation 2 games and even pen and paper games…

But the franchise has branched out in the past into real-time strategy gaming.

While that other game – that shall remain nameless – went from a popular real-time strategy and built an MMO, EverQuest started as an MMO.

So it’s no surprise that they eventually took a stab at an RTS.

The Setting

Lords of EverQuest was released in December of 2003 by Red Eye Entertainment by published by Sony Online Entertainment.

The game is set in Norrath, but 10,000 years before the EverQuest Live timeline.


You can play one of 3 different factions :



The Shadowrealm (Think evil classes/races)




Elddar Alliance (Elves, Halflings, frogs and their allies)




The Dawn Brotherhood (Dwarves, Humans, Barbarians, etc)


You’ll find some familiar locations and creatures, like iksar, goblins, ogres and dragons of course. Lord Nagafen and Lady Vox even make an appearance in the campaigns.

While you don’t necessarily have open play in single player mode, in the somewhat linear campaigns there is some flexibility to craft units and play sandbox style.

The “Lords,” for which the game is named, are special, much stronger units that are the back bone of your army.

But here’s the coolest thing –

For each of the Lords, the game employed some amazing, in many cases, big name talent.

Voice Talent

You may recall that EverQuest II used Christopher Lee for the voice of Lucan D’lere and Heather Graham for Antonia Bayle, but check out the line-up of voice actors in the game.

SONS OF ANARCHY: Katey Sagal as Gemma Teller . CR: Ray Mickshaw / FX


Katey Sagal  Lord Sakti

Best Known For : Married With Children, Futurama, 8 Simple Rules, Sons of Anarchy


Dimitrios Kambouris


Kate Mulgrew Lady Kreya

Best Known For : Star Trek Voyager, Orange is the New Black


Kevin Conroy IMDB


Kevin ConroyLord Palasa

Best Known For : Batman : The Animated Series, Batman (voice) various


Ron Perlman IMDB


Ron Perlman Lord Skass

Best Known For : Hellboy, Beauty And The Beast


John Rhys Davies IMDB


John Rhys-Davies Lord Huigar

Best Known For : Lord of The Rings, Raiders of The Lost Ark


"Don't Come Knocking" Screening


Fairuza BalkLady T’Lak

Best Known For : The Craft, Almost Famous


Claudia Black IMDB


Claudia Black Lady Briana

Best Known For : Farscape, Stargate SG-1, Containment


NBC's "The Cape" Premiere Party


Keith DavidLord Vekk
Best Known For : Cloud Atlas, Platoon, They Live



Dwight Schultz IMDB


Dwight SchultzLord Dungannon

Best Known For : The A-Team, Star Trek (The Next Generation, Voyager)


There are many more. For the complete list of talent, please check out the IMDB page for Lords of EverQuest.


Familiar Music

The music for the game was composed by Paul Anthony Romero, who also composed much of the EverQuest music from Planes of Power to Omens of War.

You can especially hear the Planes of Power similarities in the Lords of EverQuest Music.


If you’re looking for the best real-time strategy game, this isn’t it. Go play Age of Empires or Command and Conquer.

But there’s nothing completely broken in the game. And even after 16 years, graphically, it’s not terrible.

Many of the official gaming review sites rated it, poorly.

IGN gave it a 6.5/10.¬†While Gamespot wasn’t as generous with a 5.5.

What I love about it is, it’s EverQuest. It feels like Norrath. It looks like Norrath. And it just adds a little more to the EQ universe.

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