Allen Bond, an environment artist working for Daybreak Games Company recently posted these images to Facebook, and we’re loving them!

These were 3 comps for Legacy of Ykesha logos I made, sadly none were used.

The image features 3 different varieties of the Legacy of Ykesha title art.

Ykesha Art

Someone suggested the current artists should have a go at making the logos. So any of us that wanted to try to make the new logo for the next expansion could submit their comps. I decided to try my hand at it.

The first features a froglok and a ship (Hate’s Fury) on a teal background.

The second utilizes a glowing red aura on a stone facade (The Grozmok tablet)

Finally, a stone skull with green runes and Legacy of Ykesha in bright green is employed.

Bond explains his process for creating these images:

I knew the current lore was based on the Frogloks, Trolls and The Prophecy of the Grozmok Tablet, but the new Froglok race was not completed, so I used what I had. Once the new Froglok models were completed and the expansion had changed names, I made a new set of comps. So the first set of comps I only had the Trolls and Grozmok Tablet to work with, second set I had the Frogloks, Trolls and Hate’s Fury to work with.

He explains, the original working title for Legacy of Ykesha was “The Prophecy of Grozmok.”


He says that each set took about a day to complete. 

The eventual logo for Legacy of Ykesha was most similar to the first of these three. It features the in-game model of a froglok and a background harbor scene, but with Legacy of Ykesha in blue text over 2 crossed gladiuses.