It looks like the next Heritage crate is almost here, and we’re not “trolling” you.

Troll is likely to be the next race for the soon-to-be-released upcoming Heritage crate.

The Hero’s Forge armors from Heritage crates try to closely match the armor textures that were used on various Velious armors. The Velious Troll armors are below for reference.


The nice thing about the Heritage crates, is they can also randomly contain clicky teleports, illusions and mounts.

UPDATE: From the recent news post on the EverQuest homepage:

  • 1 of 12 suits of Hero’s Forge Trollish Armor including versions of cloth, leather, ringmail, scalemail, chain, and plate*
  • 1 of 5 themed familiars
  • 1 of 7 teleport items that can also be used as decorations for your home
  • A Grobb music box
  • An Adoptable Jungle Spider
  • The “Face of the Drowned” illusion


Some crafty data miners have looked at the spell data for the heritage crates using the raw spell data from EQResource and here is what they came up with.

Editor’s Note: The following are the data-miner’s findings and may not represent the actual release from Daybreak Games.

The following teleports were “sniffed out” :

  • Nadox Chapel
  • Hate’s Fury Bridge
  • Hate’s Fury Gun Port
  • Queen of Thorns
  • Gunthak’s Beltch (Grobb)
  • Grobb Butchery
  • Throne Room of the Darkone (Grobb)

And here are the names of some of the familiars :

  • Jungle Hatchling
  • Domesticated Bleeder
  • Feral Froglok
  • Froglok Tad
  • Polychrome Fungus

There is an illusion in the crate as well, the “Broken Skull Drowned.”

On the official EverQuest Forums, user Benito posted what the likely illusion would be.

Possible Illusion: Broken Skull Drowned

The mount in the crate looks to be a Jungle Spider.

With a likely look similar to this picture, also posted by user Benito.

Possible Mount : Jungle Spider

For more specifics on the data-miner’s finding you can check THIS post on the EQ Forums.

No official announcement yet on the Heritage crate nor a release date, but the August 21 patch day would seem a possible candidate.