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Some of the most popular items for any EverQuest collector are the set of ToyVault action figures.

But trying to find a comprehensive list of all the figures can be daunting.

So we’ve done it for you.

A Full Checklist is provided at the end of this article.


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The first series of EverQuest Action Figures was released in 2000 with a total of 9 standard figures in the set.

Troll Shaman

Includes black enameled mace, clockwork rat, moss snake

Troll Warrior

Includes leather tunic, ykesha, spiderling, clockwork rat

Iksar Warrior

Includes thulian cla, Qeynos kite shield

Dark Elf Magician

Includes robe of the elements, elemental pet, stein of moggok, lava duct crawler

Dark Elf Wizard

Includes robe of the kedge, staff of the wheel, book with silver runes, briarweb spider

Splitpaw Gnoll

Includes stone spider, giant snake, shield of the slain unicorn

Grenix Mucktail

Includes polished granite tomahawk, rattlesnake, wooly spiderling

Creatures of Norrath

Includes clockwork rat, undead froglok, elemental pet, rock spiderling, briarweb spider, snake

Series 1 Exclusive Figures

Also in Series 1 there were 2 exclusive figures released.

Troll ShadowknightToy Vault Toy Club Exclusive

Includes crested mistmoore shield, firestripper axe

Dark Elf HereticElectronics Boutique exclusive

Includes froglok bonecaster’s robe, spell book, stein of moggok, undead froglok


Series 2 brought deluxe figures to the set with 3 additional named figures.

Danak Dhorentath

Action Figure Danak

Danak Dhoretath is an iksar shaman that was tasked by Venril Sathir to kidnap Firiona Vie, leading up to the Ruins of Kunark expansion.

He is featured prominently in the Ruins of Kunark expansion art.


Vahlai Ka’lzal

Action Figure Vahlai

Vahlai Ka’lzal was a dark elf wizard working with Danak Dhorentath during the kidnapping of Firiona.

She helped to carry out a dark ritual to turn the Lifeguide into a thing of evil.

Djaruuk Maras

Action Figure Djaruul

Djaruul Maras is the Vah Shir Warrior pictured in the Shadow Of Luclin expansion art.

Action Figure Deluxe Packaging 2

Firiona Vie

Action FIgure Firiona Vie

The Firiona Vie 6″ figure and Life Guide was released with the Planes of Power expansion special edition box. Unlike the other action figures, this figure is not posable.

Series 1
  • Dark Elf Wizard
  • Iksar Warrior
  • Splitpaw Gnoll
  • Troll Shaman
  • Dark Elf Magician
  • Iksar Necromancer
  • Troll Warrior
  • Grenix Mucktail
  • Creatures of Norrath Series 1
Series 1 Exclusives
  • Dark Elf Heretic – Electronics Boutique
  • Troll Shadowknight – Toy Vault Toy Club

Series 2

  • Vahlai Ka’lzal
  • Djaruul Maras
  • Danak Dhorentath


  • Firiona Vie