A little late getting out this EQ Twosday update, but wow what a whirlwind! Episode 5 of The EverQuest Show is almost done, and editing has been fierce!

I’m really proud of what drops tomorrow, and  hope you’ll give it a look.

In the meantime, my EQ2 adventures pick up where we left off! I left the Queen’s Colony and finally made it to dry land!


It has been quite some time since I have been to Qeynos. The scale and size of the city always impressed me, and I still don’t quite have my bearings.


Having said that, I played EQ 1 for 20 years and I *still* get lost in Qeynos in EQ1.

I really spent most of my day just exploring, adventuring and getting a feel for the city.

Speaking to NPCs. Looking at the creatures going to and fro. I’m really amazed at the care and detail that was given to every aspect of this game,




You can’t argue with how beautiful and immersive it is. I know the gameplay of EQ1 better than anything else, but the “feel” of EQ2 has it beat, hands down.

The music. The lush environment. The sounds. The multitude of stories going on around you as you walk by.



I really just walked around for most of the day, and acquired several quest, almost willy-nilly. To be honest it was a bit overwhelming, but welcomed.

I was surprised that I actually leveled to Level 8 without even killing anything. The adventure exp pushed me over the top.

I actually prefer to stay lower levels and squeeze out every ounce of adventure and exploration for every square inch of Norrath that I can. I don’t mind taking my time.

I spent a surprising amount of time at the Lion’s Mane Inn. And I also found the pet store. The crazy cat lady must live here.



The Burbs

I’ll profess my ignorance here : I don’t know what happened with the Hamlets and Neighborhoods before the TLE server brought them back. But I’m glad they did.

I  really enjoyed Oakmyst Forest my first go around in 2004, and I couldn’t wait to get back there this time.

I spent a little time in Castleview Hamlet and Elddar Grove before making my way to Oakmyst.


Life And Death In Oakmyst

The rest of the afternoon I spent solidifying my collecting skills in Oakmyst. I also killed a few bugs spiders and did some fishing.

Altogether it’s very relaxing. I actually find collecting and shinies to be rewarding and fun. So, round and round I go. Questing some. Collecting some.


And dying some.

Grubdigger got me a few times. I’m not sure how a bear that’s 4 times the size of me manages to sneak up and kill me. But he got me.

More than once.


It was a good time altogether. I gained a level, and some much needed bags and containers. Gathered lots of tradeskill components, though I’m only a level 3 artisan at the moment.

I hope to master some tradeskilling in the near future. The EQ2 tradeskills are still a bit confusing to me. I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

Until next week, Have a great “Twosday!”

EverQuest Twosdays is a weekly blog on Tuesdays from Fennec (Fading/Kitt) on the Kaladim TLE server, in order to relearn and educate on EverQuest 2. Feel free to look me up and come along on the journey!