In the news dump that occurred on Wednesday, it may have been lost that a fan event survey has been posted for EverQuest and EverQuest 2 players.

What’s most interesting about the survey is the phrasing of Question 1 :

Would you purchase a ticket for a 3-day (Fr night/Saturday/Sun morning) EverQuest fan event early next summer?

While this is just a poll to gauge interest, two specifics caught our eye :

  • 3 Day
  • Early Next Summer

While that’s not mentioned as the exact time, or even if the event is definitely going to happen, it is a little more detail into what Daybreak may be considering.

Other questions in the survey include how many people would be attending and preferred locations.

The preferred location options in the survey were :

  • San Diego
  • Las Vegas
  • “somewhere central” like Austin, TX
  • Other, with a blank to fill in

Here at the EverQuest Show we encourage EVERYONE that has a serious interest in going to a fan event to fill out the survey, to give the planners a solid idea of what people want.

You can take the survey HERE.