Long before the HBO series Game of Thrones began production, the developers of EverQuest were already fans of George R. R. Martin.

The best evidence of this can be found in South Qeynos.

If you venture into the bard’s guild in South Qeynos, you’ll notice two NPCs that have familiar names for fans of Game of Thrones.


Joffrey Clay is a level 27 Bard Guildmaster that randomly sings a few tunes in the guild.


Nearby, Sansa Nusk, also level 27, is a merchant who sells various weapons and things.

These NPCs have obviously been in since the early days of the game, likely well before the March 1999 release date.

“Game of Thrones”, the first book in the series of “A Song Of Fire And Ice” was published in 1996, meaning there was an EQ developer who was up on their current fiction!

The second book, “Clash of Kings” was published in 1998.

No sign of Daenerys Targaryen, but we sure have seen plenty of dragons!