What a fun series of play sessions it’s been over the past week.

I managed to get in a little play time (just an hour here and an hour there) and then a couple hours to finally work on some questing.

Shew. There’s so much to do!


For the most part, I wrapped up most of the obvious quests in Oakmyst Forest, and as much as I wanted to continue collecting shinies and harvesting for tradeskilling later (hoard much?) I thought I should try to wrap up a few of the quests in my ever-expanding journal.


I head back to Qeynos to do some much-needed clutter reduction. Luckily, several of the early quests ingeniously rewarded me with bags, that are nicely now holding tons of tradeskill items.

For about an hour, I wrapped up a few minor quests on the Qeynos docks and a little back and forth between OakMyst and a few spots.


But soon, I found myself in The Caves.

The Caves

I’m not sure why I’d never ventured in here the first time around nearly 15 years ago. But what a great zone.


Nice ambiance with the dark lighting and creature assortment.

But of course, venturing into a new dungeon means a wide variety of new tasks and quests. And the Quest Journal is getting quite full.


The few “Kill X mob_type” quests that I did do rewarded me with ample experience. Enough that I’m already sailing through level 9. More quickly than I’d like. Several of th other lower quests are starting to lose value. And I still want to explore some of the lower dungeons as well.

The Down Below, for example was always a favorite of mine.

It too had a wonderful eerie, dark feeling to it.

And it can be scary. In fact, a pack of rats made quick work of me more quickly than I care to admit.


I also ventured into the Forest Ruins, another area that I had never explored. However, for fear of clogging the Quest Journal, I quickly headed out, without grabbing any new quests. It’s on the To Do list.

So I think I’ll spend a little more time cleaning up the Quest Journal and tying up any loose ends.


Probably a little more time in The Caves. There’s something about that dungeon crawl atmosphere that excited me.

Just don’t want to level too quickly. I suppose I should turn off Exp…is that a smart thing to do? I’m not sure the pros and cons of it at this point.