“EverQuest Twosday” is a weekly blog from Fennec (Fading) on the Kaladim server of EverQuest II. Please don’t hesitate to send Fennec a tell in-game if you’d like to adventure along.


With Labor Day double exp now winding down, experience is back to its usual pace. But that’s a good thing because I like the exp to move slowly.

Gives more time to explore and enjoy the lowbie levels. And there’s so much to do! I had finally finished all the Oakmyst Forest quests and was ready to move on.

Admittedly, looking for a group has been difficult, especially when the goal isn’t to exp and level as quickly as possible.

I was hoping to find someone to simply enjoy Norrath with, explore, adventure and work on quests. But that’s been a lonely road.

Luckily, I did have a player that was willing to mentor me. And while it was a huge boost to exp, the leveling was way too fast, and I plowed through about 3 levels by doing very little.

It was more like power leveling. I appreciated it. But it was not my playstyle.

He took me to Blackburrow and out into Antonica. It was great to see a few new places, especially with the Nostalgia attached to them. But I wasn’t able to crawl in, and enjoy the ambiance at my own pace.


So, it was back to the questing and adventuring I go.

Down Below

Thankfully, I finally managed to cap off any loose ends from quests that I had attained here.


Of note was the quest Ancient Scepter, which though relatively easy, gave me some trouble. The issue was a simple quest update via location that I tried to crawl my way to (when I should have just ran through for the update).

Alas, I wanted to defeat the Heroic encounter involving 5 or so royal skeletons and zombies.


Many deaths were tallied.

Finally, only after I had gained a few levels was I able to complete the quest and beat the Heroic encounter.

Forest Ruins

Earlier I had just ventured in here enough to look around, but I really didn’t want to start a whole new line of quests until I was ready.

Now I was ready to tackle everything the zone had to offer.


I ended up really enjoying the series of quests here. Several lines of quests were “Kill X things.” I don’t mind those so much, as long as they aren’t the only quests.

There were plenty more to do. And actually, many of them were well-though out. And had a nice story to go along with it as well.

Perhaps I missed it, but I wanted to know a little more about the zone. Its history and background. Is this the same area as the ruins in Qeynos Hills?


I did enjoy the day and night cycle of mob changes. Undead at night and live mobs during the day. The zone had a great feel to it and wasn’t terribly big, but big enough that it had lots of flavor.

Overall one of my favorites so far, surprising even myself.

Antonica and Beyond

And now it is time to venture out into the great big world, starting with Antonica.

And boy is it big! Antonica just seems to go on forever!I managed to try the little lighthouse key-quest zone, and quickly had my behind handed to me. Perhaps with some friendly assistance I can attempt this again.


There are plenty of things to kill here, and many more quests to attempt. It’s where I have a feeling I’ll be spending quite a bit of my time.

The experience even on non-double exp weekends does seem to come to easily and quickly. I want to level slowly, but find myself out-leveling the quests I’m working on too fast.

I have a feeling that will slow down as the levels increase.

Until next time, if you want to adventure along with me, I’m Fennec on the Kaladim server.