Welp. September is here! And soon the leaves will be changing and we’ll be bundled up in sweaters and blankets, exping away.

But in case you missed it, August was a big month for The EverQuest Show. We had plenty of web traffic, and we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss any of the big stories from last month.

So, here are the Top 10 most-read stories on The EverQuest Show website during the month of August.


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Number 5
Warrior is the most-played class in EQ

In the 20th anniversary producer’s letter, we received a tidbit about the most-played races and classes.

Are you surprised by the top 5 races and classes? If you need a refresher, go check out the article above



Number 4
Qeynos = Sony EQ and other EQ anagrams

Part of the fun of creating a universe is that you can sorta make things up. Using anagrams apparently was a big way for the developers of EverQuest to come up with names.

Tunare is Nature and Povar is Vapor. There are MANY more. Check them out in the article above.



Number 3
Exclusive Screenshots of the Next EverQuest Expansion

Daybreak and the EverQuest team were nice enough to allow the EverQuest Show several exclusive screenshots.

The screenshots are in addition to the other 3 screens released in the late summer producer’s letter.



Number 2
EverQuest Show Episode 5 – Huge News Drop

Episode 5 was a big one. We had huge news abotu the upcoming 26th expansion for EQ and exclusive screenshots.

Also big announcements about progression servers and the yet-to-be-announced-and-may-not-happen fan event.



Number 1
The Ro System : Norrath’s Solar System

Ever wonder what the solar system of Norrath is like? We know Luclin is a moon of Norrath, but did you know there are 2 moons?

And other planets?

AND the names of the planets and moons are anagrams for various things, like the men who landed on the moon. Check it out in the article above.