EQ Books 4

In 2002 to 2004, EverQuest was enjoying the height of its popularity.

The expansion list was growing. There was a sequel coming.

There were console games. And real Time Strategy Games.

And then someone though tit would be a good idea to adapt EverQuest back to pen and paper.

Don’t get me wrong, I love these books. Full of amazing low (Not all of it canon), tons of information , illustrations and creature details.

I love pen and paper and RPGs, but it’s a tought sell on this one.

Adapting EQs 50 base levels to the standard 30 of RPGs and sort of adapting the d20 mechanics, but also having mana costs. It’s just clunky.

Like any role playing game, just as in dungeons and dragons, there are the core books.

A player’s guide.

A game master’s guide.

And a monster manual, called Monsters of Norrath.

If you’re going after these for your EQ collection, start here. They have some beautiful illustrations, great story and lore and they’re just fun to thumb through.

After that, there’s the Luclin set and several Realms of Norrath books, detailing adventures set in places like the Faydark, Everfrost and Solusek’s Eye.

There was even a Temple of Solusek Ro book, that mainly included quests, just like the zone. and it even came with a cool game master’s screen.

Altogether there are 15 books for the EverQuest pen and paper game and 2 for the ill-fated EverQuest II version.

Now, don’t let my dislike of the RPG discourage you from getting these books.

If you’re an EverQuest collector or just a fan, I highly recommend you get these books. They great fun to look through and read.

And you can usually find them cheap at online auction sites, and I always check my local game stores or book stores and occasionally you’ll run across a few.

But, don’t expect your regular tabletop group to drop their 5th edition session for the EverQuest RPG.

Complete List of EverQuest Role Playing Game Books.