Torment of Velious

The next EverQuest expansion has a title!

Torment of Velious will be the 26th expansion for EverQuest with Beta beginning sometime during the week of October 21.

Pre-orders are expected to begin October 23rd between 10AM and  12PM Pacific time.

Torment of Velious will feature:

  • Level increase from 110 to 115
  • New ice shader
  • New spells, AA and gear
  • 6 new zones
  • Quests, raids and more

The expansion is slated to launch in December, but a hard date has not been announced.

Also, a new expansion bundle is being added geared towards “Family and Friends” that allows for tradeable ideas.

This version will contain all the items in the Standard, Collector’s and Premium edition in a tradeable version, as well as tradeable mounts, and a tradeable heroic character.


We have added a new expansion bundle option you’ll see next week that is geared toward Family and Friends. In addition to getting all the items included with the StandardCollector’s, and Premium editions, it also includes:

  • TRADABLE Standard Torment of Velious Expansion
  • TRADABLE versions of the Collector’s and Premium Edition mounts
  • TRADABLE heroic character boost
  • Gnomish Legendary Bundle which will grant you:
    • Clockwork rhino mount
    • Gnomework illusion
    • And your choice of all three of the following:
      • A full suit of gnomish appearance gear
      • A gnomish heritage teleporter
      • A gnomish heritage familiar
    • 40-slot bag
    • 2 shared 50% experience potions.

The bundle is said to be “set at a high price point but is a good deal as a package overall.”

We made it because we’ve been asked for this type of package for years and wanted to try it out for those players who have multiple accounts, play with families, guildmates who support friends, and others. It’s an experiment and we’re interested to see where you go with it as players.