Four EverQuest servers will be merged into other servers on May 20, 2020, which will result in 24 hours of server downtime.

Lockjaw -> Ragefire
Trakanon -> Vox
Fippy -> Vox
Brekt -> FV

The server downtime will begin on May 19th (During the scheduled live update) and result in a full 24 hours of downtime for those servers.

Darkpaw provided the following guidelines for server merges on their website.

Server Merge Standards:

Naming Conflicts

If, as a result of this server merge two or more characters have the same name, the conflict will be resolved as follows:

  • If two characters have the same name as a result of the server merge, the player that has logged in within the 60 days before the merge will retain the original character name.  If there are still conflicts, the character with the higher number of minutes played will retain the original character name.


Guild Transfers

  • Guilds and guild halls will remain intact after the merge.


Real Estate

  • Real estate will merge completely onto the new server.
  • Neighborhood names may change in the event of duplicate names.



  • All items in banks will be transferred completely.
  • Overflow items will appear within the new overflow interface after the merge.
  • Items in shared banks will also appear in the overflow interface.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will there be free character transfers off of the servers before the merge?

No free transfers will be made available for characters on any of the servers at this time.

What will the servers be named after the merge?

The servers will retain the name of the server they are being transferred in to.

What happens to my character name if someone else has the same name as me and gets to keep it?

If you have to change names due to a conflict, you will be granted one free rename for your character. You will not have to buy a name change potion.

If I only have 8 character slots available on my account, but after the merge I now have 12 characters on the server, what happens? How is it determined which characters I can access?

You will be able to play characters up to the total available character slots on the account. Characters are selected to fill the slots starting with the most recently logged in characters first. Characters created after the start of Free to Play (March 16, 2012) are limited to the number of slots available due to membership level and purchased slots, while created before Free to Play are always available.

What happens if there are guild name conflicts?

The oldest guild will keep the guild name. The guild that gets renamed will have additional x’s added to the end until it’s unique and is flagged to be renamed. The guild leader can type /renameguild to rename the guild if its name was changed. This is relatively rare, but it can happen. Guilds that have their name changed will have their Guild Writ neighborhood name changed.

What actually happens when your shared banks merge?

Platinum from both shared banks is added together. Items from the source server (i.e. Lockjaw in the Lockjaw to Ragefire merge) are put in the accounts Item Overflow window (/itemoverflow to view).