UPDATE : COMPLETE DETAILS ANNOUNCED HERE, including screenshots, features and more

EverQuest has named its 29th expansion and revealed the logo artwork. Continuing the revisit of Luclin content and storyline, “Night of Shadows” will arrive sometime in December 2022.

Beta for the expansion will begin on October 11, 2022. Pre-orders will open the same day.

Beta rewards and pre-order bonuses were also confirmed in the latest EverQuest Producer’s Letter, but it wasn’t specified what the rewards will be.

Though no content specifics were given, there were a few hints dropped:

  • The name of the expansion “Night of Shadows” could refer to the dark side of Luclin, which has many yet-to-be-revisited locations.
  • The logo for the expansion features an owlbear face and gray feathers with red eyes.
  • The producer’s letter hints with the pun “Can you owlbear the wait for Night of Shadows?”

Owlbears are a certainty at this point. Given the locations associated with owlbears, grimlings could be a possibility as well. And how about sonic wolves?

Hollowshade War anyone?

Night of Shadows continues the Age of Nostalgia in EverQuest, revisiting previous content from the earliest expansions in EverQuest.

It is the second expansion to revisit Luclin content. Terror of Luclin, EverQuest’s 28th expansion, launched in December 7, 2021.

The previous two expansions revolved around the continent of Velious:

  • Torment of Velious
  • Claws of Veeshan

Before that a Plane of Power revisit was the theme in The Burning Lands.

Two expansions prior, Kunark was on the agenda with :

  • Empires of Kunark
  • Ring of Scale