The second biggest day in an expansion launch is the beta launch and pre-order day. It is second only to launch day in it’s excitement. It’s the day where all the details about the expansion are announced.

And that day has come for EverQuest‘s 29th expansion, Night of Shadows.

As of October 11, 2022, Night of Shadows enters beta, launches an expansion website and is now available for pre-order. Features and screenshots of the expansion have also been released.

It’s been a busy couple of week’s for Darkpaw Games, with last week’s announcement for Renewal of Ro, the 19th expansion for EverQuest 2.

Beta Begins

The beta for Night of Shadows begins on October 11, 2022. In order to participate in beta, you must pre-order Night of Shadows.

Bundles for the expansion range in price from $34.99 to $249.99.

Included with the higher bundles are a Shik’Nar mount, Sonic wolf mount (pictured below) Tradeskill Depot slots, grimling illusion, teleporter item, fungal fiend mercenary skin, various pet skins, various bags, exp potions and more.

Expansion Features

  • Premium and Collector’s Edition exclusives
  • All new raids and quests
  • New Tradeskill Depot
    • Tradeskill Component Depot – Your account will gain a Tradeskill Component Depot that can hold 250 stacks of different tradeskill items. You can add slots with marketplace items as you need them! This depot is shared among your characters on the same account and server, like a shared bank. Each of these slots ignores the standard stack sizes and can hold significantly more of each item. Additionally, you can utilize these items anywhere in the world when crafting.
Screenshot from Night of Shadows, EverQuest’s 29th expansion

Additional Features

  • All new missions
  • New spells, combat abilities and AAs
  • New Collections
  • New and unique items

Zones in Night of Shadows

Darklight Caverns

WHAT WAS ONCE A SIMPLE series of tunnels and caves has since become a spectacle due to all the spirits hiding inside. But don’t let awe distract you! Dangers abound.


SPIRIT PRESENCE has caused this otherwise dark and mysterious cavern—nay, prison—to be littered with bioluminescence. Its inhabitants, however, feed off the glowing fungi and each other giving them untold power.

Firefall Pass

WROUGHT FROM THE IMMENSE thundering of an earthquake, Firefall Pass is a rocky, ravaged area of Luclin sure to claim a few lives. Passersby, beware the cracks and crevices!

Paludal Depths

SINISTER FORCES have been at play, and this former cave of mere fungi and insects has become something far more perilous. Don’t bother asking the bandits for directions.

Ruins of Shadowhaven

RAMPAGED BY A GREAT OWLBEAR SPIRIT and partially repaired, Shadow Haven is a shell of its former self. Though life has begun to return to the city, the presence of the military and the ruins evoke a darkness.

Shadeweaver’s Tangle

DEEP INTO THE DARK SIDE OF LUCLIN, Shadeweaver’s Tangle is a clash of scorched earth and the seeping bioluminescence from below. Only the bravest will venture here and on into the caverns below.

Shar Vahl Divided

HOME TO THE VAH SHIR, this lush city filled with rich architecture has grown. Don’t let its history and beauty fool you, though. Sinister forces lurk below its immaculate facade.

What’s Happening?

WITH A SUDDEN RUMBLE AND ROAR, Norrath and Luclin are on the verge of absolute, explosive chaos. Rumors of an imprisoned Great Spirit have begun to spread. Meanwhile, as other factions reclaim their territories further enraging their counterparts, one particular clan is on the verge of outright panic. With Shadow Haven in ruins, Shar Vhal in complete turmoil, and the recent earthquake that opened a pass in Firefall, things are looking dire and bleak. Everything is putting the entire world at risk, and the call for heroes and heroines to step up is imminent.

According to shadowy voices, key to surviving the unfolding events will be the Vah Shir. But how will any meddling in the affairs of the Great Spirits prevent all-out war? What happened to all the animal spirits that were sent to Luclin and how does that affect what is about to go down?

EverQuest Night of Shadows

The expansion revolves around the dark side of Luclin, one of two moons of Norrath.

EverQuest’s previous expansion, Terror of Luclin, has already revisisted some of Luclin’s content.

Shadows of Luclin was third expansion of EverQuest and widely regarded as one of the core expansions of the game. It introduced the beastlord class, as well as the Vah Shir race to EverQuest.

The previous logo art for the expansion included the face of a gray owlbear with red eyes, along with blue ethereal smoke or magic.

Additional Screenshots and Imagery