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Hi All!
Welcome to the first Bear Necessities Blog on The Everquest Show! My name is Bear, and today we’re talking about Everquest 2 Hunter’s Missions! What are they? How did they come about? How do I do these missions? What are there rewards? Hopefully, I’ll answer all these questions below!

What are they?

  • Bounty hunter missions are daily quests that refresh every 18 hours.

How did they come about?

  • Similar to Summer Ethereal Events
  • Initially started on Fallen Gate TLE with the launch of Rise of Kunark
  • Each item costs 50 coins!
  • Moved to mid-content patches in further expansions and item cost reduced to 30 coins
  • Hunters added to every expansion before Rise of Kunark in subsequent TLEs
  • Hunters targets modified to instanced content

How do I do them?

  • Pick up quest the Hunter’s Union Representative in the current active expansion.
  • The quest is refreshed every 18 hours.
  • Each quest requires killing 3 targets within instanced dungeons as outlined in the quest.

What are the rewards?

  • Each quest rewards coins that can be exchanged for items from the Hunter’s Union Representative.
  • Items range from super powerful weapons to items with clickable buffs.
  • Each item costs 30 coins and contains the Prestige modifier meaning you can only equip two of these items.

If you want less cliff notes and more detailed content, check out the video above and my YouTube channel for more Everquest 2 content. Excited to be writing content for the Everquest Show, and I hope you enjoy! Start doing those Hunter’s and I’ll see you in Norrath!

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