Last week, the announcement was made that The EverQuest Show is returning late this year!

A new season of episodes are expected to begin filming in October and November. But a new set was desperately needed.

The previous set used in the first 11 episodes was created from the livable space in my personal studio apartment living room.

The monitor you see in episode 1, is an actual working television in my apartment. The shelves were apartment bookshelves and the back wall is actually an array of shades covering large windows.

The OLD Everquest Show studio.

Unfortunately, this meant that every episode that needed to be filmed required moving all furniture, setting up equipment, lighting the set, dressing the set (placing objects in the background). Then, when filming was done, all equipment was put away, and the set taken down to return the apartment to livable space.

It also meant I could only film at night due to lighting concerns filtering through the large windows and shades.

This added significant time constraints to filming each episode.

I’m order to produce content more easily and more quickly, the EverQuest Show studio needed a permanent home.

Recently, I’ve moved into a larger space and the “office” has now been relegated to become the new home of The EverQuest Show Studios.

There is still plenty of work to be done, but a rough version of the set is shaping up.

The initial set up will utilize a corner set with a monitor on the left side for graphics, interviews or video. This is similar to the previous Season 1 set up.

On the right of framing, various EverQuest items are placed in alternating shelves, between LED light box panels.

The remainder of the studio may be utilized for filming various segments for short variety.

The large empty space in the center of the shelving will be covered with a large LED panel and silhouette lattice work (not pictured. Where the Firiona poster is currently located below).

Microphones, batteries and charging stations on the desk will keep everything organized and easily turned on and fully charged!

This new permanent home for The EverQuest Show should allow for streamlining content creation. The set can stay in place permanently and eventually interview locations and extra features will be added!

Additional EverQuest items are stored in the bookshelves on the right, for dressing the set differently from episode to episode.

This is only the beginning of a larger set for the show, but for now, this is getting close! Look for more updates on episode release and set updates in the coming weeks!