“The Lost Episode”

The EverQuest Show will return for “Season 2” episodes in late 2022.

But in the meantime, leftover interview footage still remained from “Season 1” that was never put together.

So, enjoy this “Lost” episode before we get to an exciting new series of videos for The EverQuest Show!

EverQuest The Animated Adventures

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Say What?

You know their names. The gods of Norrath. They are used in naming the geography of Norrath and the spells we cast.

Most of the names of the pantheon in EverQuest are actually anagrams of what they represent.

But it always begs the question: How do you say that?

So, in another installment of “Say What,” developers and players say these popular god names:

  • Tunare
  • Drinal
  • E’ci
  • Zebuxoruk
  • Quellious
  • Erollisi Marr
  • Xegony
  • Drinal