Hi All, and welcome to Bear Necessities on the Everquest Show, my name is Bear, and today we’re talking about Spell Efficiency! This is a topic I often get asked about, and people want to know general cast order and rotation. Hopefully this will be a good start!

How do I calculate spell efficiency?

  • Generally, it’s just the number on the tooltip divided by cast and recovery.
  • The bigger the efficiency, the better the spell!
  • However, some spells have a range of damage, so you will want to calculate the low and high end spell efficiencies, then average them by adding the efficiencies and dividing by two.
  • However, there’s other scenarios to keep in mind! Keep reading below!

What about Triggered Abilities?

  • For triggered spells, just multiply the damage by the amount of triggers that often go off. Be realistic about this. Sometimes, triggered spells won’t fire off every trigger, so calculate carefully.
  • You also may need to calculate the low and high ends again to get average efficiency of the spell!
  • The next one is a bit trickier!

What about Damage Over Time Abilities?

Damage Over Time Abilities can be complicated because their recast timers are often shorter than their duration!
  • For DoTs, we have to add the initial damage plus all of the DoT damage that is incurred, then divide by cast and recovery for our efficiency.
  • Keep in mind, some DoT abilities have a shorter recast than the duration of the DoT. If you override, the DoT, this will reduce your efficiency for that spell cast. But this can be worth it if the upfront damage is weighted high enough!

What about multi-target encounters?

  • For multiple targets, it’s pretty simple! Just multiply your damage by the amount of targets being hit.
  • Blues and Greens often are more efficient for encounter damage, but make sure to crunch those numbers to cast the most efficient ones!

Level Up!

In general, learning to calculate efficiency (even if you just plug some formulas in a spreadsheet) will help you level up your game and pull your weight in a group or raid setting. However, it’s not the end of the world if you accidentally cast a few spells out of order or do the wrong thing occasionally! Every blunder creates a story you’ll always remember! Have fun in Norrath!

If you want less cliff notes and more detailed content, check out the video above and my YouTube channel for more Everquest 2 content. Excited to be writing content for the Everquest Show, and I hope you enjoy! Crunch those numbers and I’ll see you in Norrath!

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