The EverQuest Show is proud to announce the channel and content collaboration with Bear Necessities!

Bear Necessities is the name of the YouTube channel for Bear : a player, streamer, content creator and all-around knowledge base for EverQuest 2.

And now, Bear will bring his immense knowledge of EverQuest 2 to The EverQuest Show.

Through engaging YouTube videos, thoughtful quest walkthroughs and progression server guides, Bear will soothe you with his explanations of everything you need to know about EverQuest 2.

I’ve been playing games in the Everquest franchise for years, starting around Luclin in Everquest. Once EQ2 launched in 2004, I dove in head first, and I’ve played the game ever since. After years of playing live, the Time-Locked Expansion servers started being released, and the nostalgia keeps me playing every server. Everquest and Norrath will forever have a pull on me. It’s the virtual world and lore I grew up with and still connect with to this day. I love creating content that brings people into the world of Norrath and helps them along the way — it’s my way of giving back to Norrath.


Whether you’re jumping on a TLE server, or have been a live EverQuest 2 player since launch, you’ll enjoy the content and videos. And you’ll learn a LOT!

Look for web contributions based on Bear Necessities channel videos right here on as well as separate contributions within The EverQuest Show episodes.

It’s been a goal of mine to give EverQuest 2 the love it deserves on The EverQuest Show for a long time. Bear possesses a knowledge about the game that is contagious and will encourage people to watch his videos, his contributions to the EverQuest Show and he just makes people want to play the game!

Fading – Host of The EverQuest Show

So take a look at some videos from Bear Necessities right now! And be ready to see more EverQuest 2 content on The EverQuest Show!

Bear Necessities – EverQuest 2 Guides, Streams and Walkthroughs

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