Hi All, and welcome to Bear Necessities on the Everquest Show, my name is Bear, and today I want to give you a bit of insight into the creative and crazy world of EQ2 Housing. I recently joined in on a Halloween Maze Race, and it was outstanding. I am constantly amazed by EQ2 Housing Creators, and this was jaw dropping! Major props to Zooey on Varsoon for creating this maze. If you want to check it out, go to Prestige Housing in Freeport and check Sprocket’s Interlocking Plane, creator Zooey!

Zooey started the race with Doomby, going over the rules and directing people to the starting line!

Zooey had a bounty of 5 kronos for the first 5 finishers of the race, so in we went.

The twists and turns had me lost for quite a while. They almost had to send out a search party to help me find my way.

Once I made it through the initial area, I was presented with a water-filled moat maze! But the finish line was in sight, so I pressed onward!

I had made it to the end! Luckily there were plenty of candles lit to dry me off before ascending to the finish line!

Thanks again for building such an awesome maze! Happy Halloween everyone! The home building community in EQ2 is great, so if you’re looking to flex your creative muscles and build some amazing things, check it out, and get to building!

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