Hi All, and welcome to Bear Necessities on the Everquest Show, my name is Bear, and today we’re talking about what to do at level 60 on Varsoon TLE Server!


As stated in my former max level guide (video linked below):

  • Find a guild that meets your playstyle and schedule!
  • Level up your crafting class!
  • Create alts!
  • Do Hunter’s Missions until you have at least 2 items!
  • Heritage Quests for Golden Efreeti Boots and Flowing Black Silk Sash

Peacock Timeline

The most important timeline for Desert of Flames is the Peacock Timeline. This rewards the best in slot weapons for every class. It’s very long and lore rich questline that involves soloing, grouping, and raiding! For more info, check out the link below:

Ring of Fate Timeline

A less important and more optional timeline is the Ring of Fate quest series. This rewards a super fun clicky ring and also opens up access to the zone that can drop a really nice haste belt! For more info, check out the link below:

Kingdom of Sky is Coming Soon!

Kingdom of Sky is coming soon starting what I consider to be the Golden Era of Everquest 2. Kingdom of Sky, Echoes of Faydwer, Rise of Kunark, and The Shadow Odyssey are nostalgia overload for me, and I hope you all enjoy the expansions as well.

More EverQuest 2 Guides and Videos

Are you a returning player jumping to the latest EverQuest 2 TLE server or a live player just looking for nostalgic EQ2 content, then check out some of the videos below!

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