Over the next week, Darkpaw Games will have wrapped up Feast of Giving, launch an expansion for EverQuest 2, launch an expansion for EverQuest and prepare for Frostfell!

That’s a lot for a week’s work!

Over the last month or two, developers have been beta testing both expansions feverishly for the launches.

EverQuest 2’s expansion, Renewal of Ro, is the 19th for the game after just celebrating their 18th anniversary. The expansion is scheduled to launch Wednesday, November 30.

The expansion has received positive feedback from players in beta. Players will be able to explore the southern areas of Isle of Ro. The lore and thoughts on the story and setting have intrigued players and there is an excitement about this latest installment.

Meanwhile, on the EverQuest side, developers are planning to release the 29th (Crazy!) expansion, Night of Shadows. Here we’re picking up on the second half of a Luclin revisit as we head into the darker side of Norrath’s veiled moon.

Within one week, Darkpaw Games will launch 2 expansions.

Less than a week after Renewal of Ro launch, Night of Shadows will launch on Tuesday November 6th.

The launches come very shortly after very active periods in both games.

The Extra Life charity fundraiser in October and November allowed for bonuses in-game if certain goals were reached and those bonuses were some of the best the games have seen.

Meanwhile, Feast of Giving bonuses have wrapped up and Frostfell is right around the corner.

Wish your friendly developers a Happy Launch Day and a Thank You for keeping the games thriving and active!