The EverQuest Show received these previously unreleased pieces of concept art for the Renewal of Ro expansion.

There are 4 pieces in total, 2 containing early concepts of “a cursed scholar” and 2 containing 2 different armor sets.

A Cursed Scholar

The first piece of concept art includes 3 versions of a cursed scholar.

Clearly, this guy isn’t all brains. Not only has he been hitting the books, but he’s clearly been hitting the gym as well! Look at those abs!

Two appear to be live versions, though they are all slightly different in their coloring and distressing. The third could be an undead version of the previous two.

The second piece of art is also of a cursed scholar, but appears to show the models in various animation poses.

Renewal of Ro Armor Concept Art

Finally, there are two pieces of concept artwork for armor for Renewal of Ro.

Steely gray and emerald green is the color pallete.

One set is heavier on the plate and light on cloth, while the second has a more flowing robe look and less robust helmet.

The cursed scholar (above) can be seen in the recently released Renewal of Ro expansion trailer around the 0:50 mark.