In 2023, The EverQuest Show is expanding

In addition to quality EverQuest Show episodic content released monthly, additional news briefs are being added.

“This Week! in EverQuest” will cover the latest happenings, breaking news and events in the EverQuest franchise on a weekly basis. The updates will be quick, easily consumed 1 to 2 minute updates to fill the gaps between EverQuest Show episodes.

For January 5, 2023 here is what’s happening in Norrath:

  • Frostfell wraps up
  • Until January 23, 2023 visit Fauma Reista for the 2023 New Year’s quest
  • The final tally for Darkpaw Games for the Extra Life Fundraiser was $128,524.15
  • Planes of Power and Legacy of Ykesha unlock on January 5th on the Yelinak Server.

Here is the expected release of upcoming content:

January 11, 2023
This Week! in EverQuest

January 18, 2023
Episode 14 of The EverQuest Show

January 25, 2023
This Week! in EverQuest

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