As 2022 comes to an end, the final tally for the Extra Life fundraiser has come in.

Darkpaw Games, developer of EverQuest and EverQuest 2 has raised $128,524.15 for the children’s hospital charity, the company said in a response to The EverQuest Show’s queries on Twitter.

In the October Producer’s letter, Jann Chan added a note about her personal connection to Rady’s Children Hospital, the recipient of Extra Life’s Charity donations from Darkpaw.

On a very personal note, my family would look very different today if not for the lifesaving services that Rady Children’s Hospital provided. The official Extra Life Game Day is November 5, 2022, and we have some plans to make this year bigger than before. Stay tuned for that update!

Jenn Chan

Darkpaw has participated in the Extra Life charity for many years, but this year, they offered various donation incentives across both games.

Here is a look at the perks offered for EverQuest and EverQuest 2.

In EverQuest, depending on the increment individuals donated, you’ll receive a claim key for various items, titles or perks.

  • $5 = Title (the Generous)
  • $10 = 3 Overseer Agent Packs
  • $25 = Pair of Royal Antonican Weapon Ornament Packs (DaggerHammerScimitar)
  • $50 = Blue Quarm Hat Ornament
  • $100 = Majestic Mallard Mount
  • All higher tiered individual incentives will include incentives from previous tiers.

For EverQuest 2, here’s the individual donation tiers.

The first round of claim keyes for early donators was sent out in November. The next round of claim keys are promised by the end of January.