A busy week in EverQuest news with the release of the EverQuest 2 2023 roadmap for 2023.

Darkpaw released the full roadmap for the entire year, and it’s ambitious. And don’t forget to subscribe to the Bear Necessities YouTube channel for his expected breakdown of the roadmap within the week.

Here’s a recap of what’s included in the 2023 roadmap

  • Two Game Updates (122 and 123 in April and August)
  • EQ2’s 20th expansion
  • New Equipment Slot unlocked by Live content
  • Mercenary AI update
  • Various holiday updates for 2023
  • Raid Tiers unlock for Renewal of Ro
  • Varsoon TLE unlocks

The Swag store is still slated for 2023, but the date is To Be Determined.

On the EverQuest side, 3 new raids have now unlocked for Night of Shadows. Two raids in SharVahl are available along with the Shiknar Queen raid in Paludal Depths.

The Coirnav server will unlock The Burning Lands on January 12th, 2023. That same day, Mangler will unlock Call of the Forsaken.

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