Just a month after the launch of EverQuest’s Night of Shadows expansion, the first tier of raids has unlocked.

The raids went live on January 7, 2023 and feature the first round of unlocks that will continue over the next few months,

The first round of raids to unlock include one from Paludal Depths and two from Shar Vahl Divided. Darkpaw Games provided this additional description for the release of the raids:

  • Paludal Caverns – Insatiable an Appetite
    • Fueled by her unending hunger for absolute dominance, Skihnar Queen Hashiss is spawning an army of minions to flood Norrath in order to obliterate its denizens and take control. It’s up to you adventurers to face this infestation and stop it.
  • Shar Vahl – Pit Fight
    • Grimlings, due to all the unrest in Shar Vahl, have become bolder. Citizens have been disappearing. Sergeant Hujiid wants to teach them not to mess with the Vah Shir, but just can’t spare the people with all the issues in the city. So, she is sending adventurers like you. What she doesn’t know is that the grimlings are gathering with the intent of sacking the city and taking what they can before the Akheva arrive.
  • Shar Vahl – Mean Streets
    • A rebellious uprising has created turmoil—and maybe even caused death—and its mysterious leader must be found and destroyed. Beware, all those who enter, illusions and manipulation abound, and achieving triumph will take cunning and resolve.

The next tier of raids will be released in February and another round in March.