How do YOU say “SoW?”

How about “Ykesha” or “Luclin?”

Now’s your chance to show the world, and become a part of The EverQuest Show!

If you’re a regular watcher of The EverQuest Show, you’ve probably seen the “Say What?” segments where players and developers say different words in Norrath.

In the next week, The EverQuest Show will be releasing a collection of all these segments along with several words that haven’t been edited or released.

That’s where YOU come in : we’re looking for more videos of players saying certain words and we’ll use you in the “Say What” Special!


Record a quick video (cell phone works, but please, horizontal video, not vertical) of yourself saying the following words

  • SoW
  • Ykesha
  • Lceanium
  • Luclin
  • Qeynos

Send the video in ONE of the following ways:

  • Email :
  • -or- Upload it to your youtube channel and send/post a link
  • -or- Send via Discord : Fading#6346
  • -or- Send a link to your dropbox file
  • -or- Open to any alternate methods if you would prefer.

Get creative! Feel free to send a series of multiple takes and you can also add commentary if you prefer “My brother says SO but I say SOW” etc. The bolded words are the most important. You can say all the words in one video. And feel free to ask questions (reply to this post) and I’ll answer them.

You don’t even have to use your own face! You can take the video of your mother in law saying these words. You asking your kids to say them. Your imagination is your only limitation, though please keep it clean.

Or, use your EQ/EQ2 character: If you say “SEW” then send video of your character in front of a LOOM (Get it, sew…loom) along with you voicing the words. The video will be edited by Fading for the show.

Here’s a previous EverQuest Show segment pronouncing the gods of Norrath