On this edition of This Week! in EverQuest!

Follow up from the roadmaps for EQ and EQ2 spilled over into the previous week.


On EQ, the development team issued a follow up on the New UI Engine .

From Accendo:

We are performing a port which means we’re replacing the engine (the part the runs the UI) and not planning to do any changes to the look or flow of any of the existing windows in this phase.

Once we have completed porting all the windows in the default UI to the new UI engine, we have plans to discuss a revamp of the UI / UX.


The New UI Engine will allow for scaling of the UI (similar to current hotbuttons, but apply to the entire UI all at once.

It will also allow window docking, giving windows the ability to snap to each other.

The new UI Engine and a few ported windows is expected to go live in April. 

For a complete rundown of the EverQuest Roadmap, be sure to check out this link or click the link to our previous video in the description.


The latest patch also added more rewards for Overseer Quests. And for Quality of Life, an Auto-Fill Button was added to the offered quest tab.


The rewards from Darkpaw Games for the Extra Life Charity fundraiser should also have been emailed out to donors, so if you donated on or before December 31, you should have your key.

However, there was a slight problem with the formatting. The keys are fine, just remove EQ or EQ2 from the text. Each key should be 4 characters in 5 sets.


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