Awaiting Announcements

While there were no ground breaking announcements this week, you can tell it’s the quiet before what is likely to be a flurry of announcements.

EverQuest’s 24th anniversary is coming up on March 16th, and we expect some announcements regarding this years quests and events.

And we’re also awaiting the release of new TLP information. A new TLP is expected in May so some new information should be arriving shortly.

And a little birdie tells me there is some other big news arriving soon, but other than knowing that something is looming, I don’t have info on exactly what that is, that I can tell. 

So make sure you’re subscribed for any breaking news that may be dropping, we’ll bring that to you right here on this channel.

EverQuest 2

For EverQuest 2, a new renewal of Ro raid has unlocked. The Boundless Gulf in Takish Badlands contains 6 new raid bosses, including five tier 3 encounters and one tier 4 encounter.

Also in EQ2, while Erollisi Day has wrapped up, Brewday events are on the way, but are already active on Test!


On the EverQuest side of things, an interesting role play message came across the systemwide announcements this past week.

It was a clever job posting announcement disguised as a guild recruitment message. 

If you’re looking for work in the real world, it appears Darkpaw is hiring for engineers and artists. You have to applaud the clever recruitment, especially to the devoted base who are actually playing the game!

In server unlock news, the Aradune and Rizlona servers are expecting to roll into the Seeds of Destruction expansion on March 2nd.

Episodes 15 & 16

Episode 16 of The EverQuest Show will be here shortly, continuing our conversation with the amazing artist Rick Schmitz. 

He’ll talk more about animating those amazing creatures he created.

And what’s this about secret messages hidden in the world of Norrath?

If you missed last episode where Rick talked about designing the original characters of EverQuest, make sure you check it out, along with Geoffrey Zatkin giving insight into how he helped design and differentiate the classes of EverQuest from the very beginning of their creation.