Of course, most of you know that the city of Qeynos is Sony EQ backwards.

But how many other anagrams within the EQ universe do you know? Some are easy. Others are…a stretch.

Let’s start with some of the pantheon of Norrath:

Norrathian Gods and Demi-gods

Tunare                    Nature
Rodcet Nife            Docter Fine
The Rathe               The Earth
Povar                      Vapor
E’ci                           Ice
Tarew                      Water
Fennin Ro               Innferno
Veeshan                  Heavens
Xegony                    Oxygen
Drinal                      Aldrin (As in Buzz Aldrin)
Coirnav                   Corvina

Tae Ew Alliz            We Eat Zilla (The cannibal lizards)
Vol Ew Alliz             We Lov Zilla

Various NPCs and Zones

Tolapumj                                  Jump A Lot
Leavor L`Eriat                        Arterial Love
Lynuga                                      An Ugly (Troll)
Nottap Ekim                             Mike Patton
Felwithe                                    White Elf
Tavid Dennant                         David Tennant
Dralliw`tar                               Rat Willard
Taromani                                  Inamorat(a)
Merchant Tekrama                 A Market

Trorsmang.                               Armstrong

Cordan                                      Conrad

Anbeal                                       Al Bean

Sentry Drahs = Shard
Sentry Dumtew = Wet Mud
Sentry Emil = Lime
Sentry Enots = Stone
Sentry Kcor = Rock
Sentry Maof = Foam
Sentry Trid = Dirt
Sentry Rotiart = Traitor

Know any more anagrams? Be sure to let us know about them so we can add them to this article!