For those collector’s out there (like myself) it’s nice to have a checklist of all the comic books when you “gotta catch ’em all!”

So for all of you looking for comic books in the EverQuest universe, here are all EQ comic books (that I’m aware of…if you know of more, please help me complete the list!)

In total, there are 5 comic books in the EverQuest universe, but details on some of the rarer pieces are limited.

The two easiest to find, official comics are “Ruins of Kunark” and “Transformation.”

The “Accounting” comic is a mini comic that came in the EverQuest Gold collector’s tin.

Two promotional comics are known to exist. To compliment EverQuest Online Adventures, a game store promotional comic book was released called The Quest for Darkpaw.

Finally, the extremely rare Lords of EverQuest comic is known to have been commissioned, but it is unknown if it was ever actually printed.

COMIC 1 : EverQuest: The Ruins of Kunark

EverQuest Show Rating: 10/10
Rarity: Common
Released: Jan 1, 2002
Pages: 48

Arguably the best of the EverQuest comics, this beautifully illustrated piece of art catalogs the lore surrounding the Ruins of Kunark expansion.

Brad McQuaid enlisted the talents of none other than Jim Lee to create EverQuest’s first comic book in 2001.

A party of adventurers, famous in the Keith Parkinson art and notable in EQ lore, set out to discover what happened to the kidnapped Firiona Vie.

Many well known characters such as Dagda Icefury, Thubr Axebringer, Sionachie Heartsinger, Venril Sathir and more are included in the comic, as well as Aradune homeself (AKA Brad McQuaid).

The comic is printed in graphic novel form, so the cover and pages are quality materials.

COMIC 2 : EverQuest: Transformation

EverQuest Show Rating: 6/10
Rarity: Common
Released: Jun 2002
Pages : 48

The comic is full of dark elves, undead and more EverQuest-y things.

My only minor issue with the comic is that the style of the dark elf artwork doesn’t match the game as well, and the artist took some liberties.

It’s still a beautiful comic and a must-have for any collector. It is one of the easier finds.

Like the Ruins of Kunark issue, this comic is also printed as a graphic novel, meaning the cover and pages are of a higher quality stock paper.

COMIC 3 : EverQuest: Accounting

EverQuest Show Rating: 7/10
Rarity: Common
Released: Nov 4, 2002 (Inside EverQuest: Gold collector’s tin)

Included with the EverQuest: Gold collector’s tin is a miniature sized comic book called EverQuest Accounting.

A beginning adventurer experiences the wilds of Oasis, encounters Lockjaw and spectres.

Outside of the smaller size of the comic, it’s a quality piece and an easy-to-find collectible. Just look for it alone or inside the gold collector’s tin.

COMIC 4 : EverQuest Online Adventures: The Quest for Darkpaw

EverQuest Show Rating: 8/10
Rarity: Rare
Released: EQOA Promotional Giveaway
Pages: 12

Paw of Opolla

This is one of the rarest of the comics in the series that is confirmed to exist, and recent online auctions have seen values go over $1500 on an issue in the right condition.

The comic was released in game store as a promotional item for the Playstation 2 game EverQuest Online Adventures.

The story surrounds the battle between the Darkpaw gnolls and several young adventurers sent to take out their leader.

While the story sounds like and plays out very similarly to the Paw of Opolla quest lore, the names don’t line up (Gynok (EQ1) supposedly chopped of High Shaman Opolla’s hand….versus Aerik (EQOA:QFD) chopping off the hand of the gnoll commander, “Darkpaw.” This lines up with a quest that existed in EQOA.

Opolla’s name isn’t mentioned in the comic.

I’ve been lucky enough to find one copy and add it to my collection, but it has taken a while.

Special thanks to DeeForce for providing a scanned version of her comic!

COMIC 5 : Lords of EverQuest

EverQuest Show Rating: 8/10
Rarity: Unknown/Extremely rare
Released: Unknown (Lords of EverQuest Promotional)
Pages: 9

Editor’s Note: I only recently discovered this comic book, previously only knowing it as “EverQuest: Seeds” from various artwork panels posted online without any lettering or coloring. It is not known if this comic physically exists or was even printed. If you have confirmation please contact The EverQuest Show so we can update our list!

The story follows the plot of one of the scenarios in the Real-Time Strategy spin-off of EverQuest called Lords of EverQuest.

Solruua, a necromancer of the Shadow Realm is after the texts of Chancellor Tohren regarding the ancient ogres of Norrath (before their curse).

Only 9 pages (including the cover) are known, but similar to the Quest for Darkpaw comic, a 12 page comic format would likely have included a publisher’s page, a back page advertisment page and perhaps an additional advertisement.

Thanks to EQ2Wire, a downloadable PDF of the comic was available. I’ve offered a downloadable link below:

In addition to the official comics above, there are the very popular fan comics: