Episode 14


In Episode 14 of The EverQuest Show, we explore the ruins of Old Guk, one of the original dungeons in classic EverQuest, with the developer who designed it, Geoffrey Zatkin.

Zatkin is one of the original EverQuest developers and not only created Upper Guk, Lower Guk and the gnome city of Ak’Anon, but also was the principle creator of the EverQuest spell system and had a heavy hand in defining the classes of EQ.

Be sure to hear why there is an upper and a lower Guk, as well as why most dungeons only had a few types of monsters.

Geoffrey also explains what surprised him the most about creating Guk.

All Games in the EverQuest Franchise

We also count up all of the games in the EverQuest franchise, which brings the total to a whopping 14 games! How did we get to that number? Watch episode 14 to find out!

We have a complete breakdown of all the games here.

Guk in Other Games

And Guk has been visited not only in EverQuest (multiple iterations) but in EverQuest II and in EverQuest Online Adventures.

Check out the beautiful scenery of the gukky dungeons in all three games.

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